Silver Moon Winery

Dover, Ohio

Winemaker Toasts Label and Packaging Importance!

Silver Moon founding-family member Ken Eschbacher says, “We wanted to design unique packaging for these wines, using cobalt blue bottles with easy-open, peel-tab Zork closures. We like the consumer convenience of the Zork closures because they don’t require a corkscrew for opening. They also look distinctive on the shelf.”

The labels are made of silver metallic paper stock and printed in four-color process plus white on top of the metallic paper. The labels are designed by Gary Cole Design and are supplied by Innovative Labeling Solutions.

Eschbacher notes, “The packaging is quite distinctive. Customers immediately recognize the cobalt blue bottle and the Zork closure, and sales are good. So retailers appear to be happy.”

“I just wanted to thank your for the great job you did in designing our wine labels. They look great and customers love them, but more importantly they really help us sell our wines.

4 years ago, when we first started plans to sell our wines to grocery stores, we felt we needed to have a label that was noticeable and created an image of a wine people would like to try. We needed something that would differentiate our wine from the 100’s of others on the shelf in grocery stores. That’s when we found you and you designed these great labels with high visibility and a classy look. The design also created a “shelf presence” of our wine in a highly competitive environment. In fact, your labels even helped us get picked up by our first wine distributor here in Ohio!

Since that time, we are now in over 350 grocery stores, and we are still growing. We have changed some of our packaging over that time, but never our labels. If we ever do, we would never do it without your help and expertise. You’re very easy to work with and you have a rare artistic talent that gives you the ability to move an idea from the “abstract” to the “reality” that has helped sell our wine. It has been great working with you.

I would whole-heartedly recommend your firm to anyone who needs to design selling tools for their business, Keep up the good work.”

Ken Eschbacher
Owner, Silver Moon Winery

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